Yonkers Fire Department 


1000 GPM 2 stage centrifugal pump 500 gallon Water Tank

All YFD first line Engine  Companies are American LaFrance's. As of June 2007, there are 10 American LaFrance Engines (Pumpers) and 
1 American LaFrance Rescue Pumper . Two Smeal Engines are being used as Reserve apparatus and 2 Smeal Engines are being used as Spare apparatus. All YFD Engines are 1000 GPM 2 stage centrifugal pumps

All Yonkers Engine Companies carry 2,500 feet of supply and attack hose, ranging in diameter from 1.75" to 5". Water Tanks are used mainly to supply water for small exterior fires. The 3.5" and 5" hose are used for supply lines, 1.75" hose is used as interior attack lines and 2.5" hose is used mainly as exposure protection lines, but can also be used as interior attack lines when required.

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