Yonkers Fire Department 

Special Operations Division

YFD Special Operations apparatus supplement our First Line Companies.  They are activated at Major Incidents such as  WMD or Hazardous Materials Incidents, or for a trench or building collapse. Special Ops. also oversees our Reserve Apparatus, making sure that they are fully equipped and ready to be placed into service whenever they are needed.

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Joseph Pinto -  jjpinto@juno.com 

Company Patch

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Mobile Command Unit
1991 International

appCommand-Unit.jpg (93820 bytes)

Special Operations Bus
1989 GMC

appHaz-Mat-Bus.jpg (99590 bytes)

Haz-Mat Support Unit
1986 Ford Tractor

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Decon Support Bus
1997 Ford

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Technical Rescue Support Trailer

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Emergency Medical Support Trailer

appEMSsupport.jpg (75164 bytes)

Reserve Apparatus

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