Automatic Central Station Fire Alarm Systems & Direct Dial Systems


License Required: Any person engaged in the business of installing automatic alarm systems within the City of Yonkers is required to be licensed by the City. Applications can be obtained at the Office of the City Clerk.

Permit Required: Any person who has an alarm system on their premises is required to have an alarm system permit. Permits can be obtained at the Office of the City Clerk. There is no fee for a residential alarm system permit. Permits must be renewed annually.

Alarm Activation: When the Yonkers Fire Department is notified of a alarm system activation, 4 Engines, 2 Ladder Trucks, and a Assistant Chief are dispatched to the address involved. Once an alarm assignment has been dispatched it will not be canceled. If updated information concerning the cause of alarm activation is received, the Assistant Chief, at his discretion, may reduce the number of fire companies responding. Fire Department Personnel, however, will always do an on site verification of the cause of the alarm.

False Alarm Notification: A False Alarm Notification will be issued to the owner of an activated system, when responding fire personnel find no evidence of fire or smoke, the incident will be deemed accidental in nature or due to defective equipment.

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