Yonkers Fire Department 

Marine Operations

The Marine Operations Unit provides fire protection on the Hudson River and along the waterfront area of Yonkers.   The 4 plus miles of River water frontage within City limits is one of the nation's most heavily trafficked navigable waterways. The current Yonkers Waterfront Development project demonstrates the need for fire protection on the Hudson River within Yonkers.  This Unit will enable the YFD to respond to that need.

Fire Boat 1

James J Mulcahey

41' USCG Utility Boat is powered by twin Cummins diesel engines. Christened the "James J. Mulcahey", she is equipped with a fire pump, Marine Radar, GPS Navigation Chart-plotter, VHF Marine and Yonkers Fire Operations radios.  She carries a full compliment of EMS equipment including an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).  All Federal and NY State required safety equipment.

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